"Someone I knew died Tuesday evening of AIDS. He needn't have. He actually did very well on meds, but he decided he didn't want to take them. He hadn't been positive all that long (not as long as I and some of the other LTS people have.)"

aztecan's "Death"

"I tested positive just a month ago... I've spoken to my doctor about seeing a therapist/psychologist. I've always thought that was bs, but I'm afraid of getting depressed again since that's when I become self-destructive. In a way, I'm more afraid of my depression than I am of having hiv."

gavelkind's "New Member, just got my results"

"I've got two questions. First, do you find that it takes longer to get well after the flu or a cold? Second and more importantly, what criteria do you use to decide that you're sick enough to go to the doctor?"

PozBrian's "Flu question"

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