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Graph My Labs

Welcome to Graph My Labs!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Graph My Labs is going to be taken offline on or about February 29, 2016. We do not have a target date for relaunching a new version of Graph My Labs. Please be sure to record any content you would like for your personal records before February 29. If you would like to continue tracking your lab results, please consider iStayHealthy.

Graph My Labs is one of the "cool tools" offered FREE to all visitors. With a few simple steps, you can create colorful and informative graphs of your lab test results – past, present, and future. We recommend that you print this page so that you have the descriptions of these steps handy as you proceed.

After creating an "account" on our secure servers using your email address and a password, you take the following 3 steps to graph your labs:

First you need to figure out which tests you want to track & graph. We've automatically included ten tests in your account, including HIV Viral load and CD4 cells. You'll see them listed on the main page after you login. If you want to include other lab tests to follow, click the "Add More Tests To Track" link. You'll then have the option of selecting from a list of over 400 possible lab tests to track & graph.
Next you'll need to add your test results. If this is your first time using this program, you might want to add results from prior lab tests. If this a return visit to Graph My Labs, you will only need to add your most recent test results. You start by checking the boxes next to the lab tests that you want to enter results for a specific test date. Then click the "Add Lab Results" link. There's also an "View/Edit Lab Results" link for changing previously entered results.
Once you've finished adding or editing your lab results, you're ready to see & print out some cool graphs. Just click the "Graph My Labs" link from the main page to get started.

If you have any problems or questions with this program, please send a detailed e-mail to You'll find links on most pages that will automatically start an email to us for this purpose.

We hope you enjoy "Graph My Labs" – just click the button below to get started.


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